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The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter team from Propel Labs is now a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The innovative sorter, now part of the Thermo Fisher product family, provides high performance, flexibility, safety, and scalability to meet laboratory needs today and in the future.


The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter: Accelerating Science


In May 2020, the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter was shared with the global flow cytometry community with a virtual launch.  Hear directly from leaders in the field of High Parameter Flow Cytometry on their experience with the speed, sensitivity, ease of use, and flexible features of the Bigfoot Cell Sorter during a panel at CYTO 2021.


New White Paper featuring the capabilities of the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter!


This white paper takes you through the process of panel design, instrument set up, sample prep, spectral workflow and unmixing, gating strategy, and cell sorting set up. See data showing how the Bigfoot takes full spectrum cytometry to the next level by enabling new combinations of markers to be sorted in real time.



Delivers high performance and high throughput for versatility


The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter supports configurations with up to nine lasers (349nm, 405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 532nm, 561nm, 594nm, 640nm, 785nm) and 60 detectors, delivering versatility for both standard fluorescence detection and spectral unmixing. Multiple scatter options enhance flexibility with simultaneous standard and small particle detection, multi-laser scatter detection, and polarization.


Up to 60 Detectors


Adapts to your multi-color applications with flexibility for optical filter changes to meet changing requirements.



With sort rates >70,000 eps and analysis rates of >100,000 eps, the Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter is fast and configurable. The sorter is capable of 6-way sorting into tubes, 4-way sorting into 96 well plates, 8-way sorting into 384 well plates or straight down sorting into 1536 well plates. In addition, virtual 18-way sorting allows researchers to separate multiple populations from a single sample or different samples. 


A massively parallel, pipelined architecture eliminates hard aborts and allows complex, high color experiments with up to a 60 x 60 compensation matrix or spectral unmixing without limiting instrument performance. Proprietary electronics simultaneously collect high-dynamic range data for measured peak, area, and width for every channel to accurately characterize your sample.

Spectral Sorting

The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter supports spectral sorting and analysis on cell populations



Built-in automation for ease-of-use


Advanced automation and software allow operators with all levels of knowledge to use and control the system with confidence. Integrated control systems ensure optimal droplet formation persistence and position stabilization over time ensuring accurate drop delay maintenance through the day.
To streamline workflow and reduce user errors, automated stream calibration and drop delay simplify sort setup while bubble detection notifies the operator and stops the sort to preserve precious samples. Integrated temperature control (4-37°C) and agitation maintain sample integrity for sample input while temperature control of the output maintains the viability of sorted samples.


Manages and Monitors

The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter software, SQS,  manages key functions such as drop delay and monitors system health and sort status for walk away operation. 



Flexibility to support a range of cell types and applications


The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter’s jet-in-air sensing is gentle with fragile cells to maximize viability at high sort speeds, minimizing impact on yield.  A swap tip wizard simplifies setup of 50, 70, 100, 120, and 150 μm nozzle tips.


Swap Tip Wizard


Simply unscrew the retaining collar to remove and replace with a new tip or a tip of a different size. After replacing the retaining collar, the Swap Tip Wizard performs automatic QC adjustments to optimize the stream position.

For added flexibility, the system enables sampling from 6 input positions that automatically detect the tube size (1.5, 5, or 15mL) based on the adapter used. Precise single-droplet targeting ensures unprecedented accuracy, recovery, and speed down to single-cell sorting. User configurable sort output holders include 1.5, 5, 15, and 50mL tubes, microwell plates up to 1536 wells, microscope slides, and 10x chips.


Sampling for 6 input positions


The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter sample loader has 6 input positions that let you load multiple samples for sorting or analysis. The instrument detects the adapter type as the loader moves from one sample to the next to ensure proper loading.



Integrated biosafety cabinet for operator and sample protection


The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter features an integrated Class II biocontainment cabinet, which meets the equivalent functional personnel and product protection standards for a Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet defined by the National Sanitation Foundation International Standard 49.  The custom designed cabinet provides safety and protection without compromising high parameter sorter performance or impacting workflow.  A separate aerosol management system meets ISAC guidelines for cell sorters.


Biosafety Cabinet and Aerosol Management


An adjustable sash maintains containment while allowing easy access to the nozzle and sample/sort areas providing constant user protection. A dedicated aerosol management system (AMS), HEPA filter and software provides containment warnings and increases flow if a clog is detected.





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